A Fish Story
Spacer Once, there was a fish who lived in the great ocean, and because the water was transparent, and always conveniently out of the way of his nose when he moved along, he didn't know he was in the ocean...

Swimming fish

Spacer ..then the fish became confused because of thinking about moving and swimming, and he suddenly had an anxiety paroxysm, and thought that he had forgotten how. At that moment he looked down and saw the yawning chasm of the ocean depths, and he was terrified that he would drop.
Spacer Then he thought: "If I could catch hold of my tail in my mouth, I could hold myself up." And so he curled himself up and snapped at his tail. Unfortunately, his spine wasn't quite supple enough, so he missed.
Spacer As he went on trying to catch hold of his tail, the yawning black abyss below became ever more terrible, and he was brought to the edge of a total nervous breakdown.
Spacer The fish was about to give up, when the ocean, which had been watching with mixed feelings of pity and amusement, said, "What are you doing?"
Spacer "Oh," said the fish, "I'm terrified of falling into the deep dark abyss, and I'm trying to catch hold of my tail in my mouth to hold myself up."
Spacer So the ocean said, "Well, you've been trying that for a long time now, and you still haven't fallen down. How come?"
Spacer "Oh, of course, I haven't fallen down yet," said the fish, "Because, because -- I'm swimming!"
Spacer "Well," came the reply, "I am the Great Ocean, in which you live and move and are able to be a fish, and I have given all of myself to you in which to swim, and I support you all the time you swim. But here you are, instead of exploring the length, breadth, depth, and height of my expanse -wasting your time pursuing your own end."
Spacer From then on, the fish put his own end behind him -where it belonged- and set out to explore the Great Ocean.

Samuel Avital